The Best Wood Fillers For Screw Holes

When the need for wood fillers arises during home maintenance, it seems like they are always unavailable.

Another problem comes up when it is time to purchase the best item to use for wood filling purposes.

Best Wood Fillers For Screw Holes 1

How do you choose the best filler for screw holes? Are there trusted and tested products that can be used? Is it better to used home-made remedies? How long do home-made remedies last?

There are several options for wood filling including tested products made by companies who have researched the remedies to home maintenance problems.

There are also a number of hacks that can be used to fill screw holes — these hacks are easily made by materials available in the house and they work.

Some of the options for wood filling include:

Do-It-Yourself Options

The simplest wood filling mixture consists of a mix of:

  • putty
  • sand
  • wood glue
  • sawdust

This forms a thick paste. The paste is pushed into the holes with a putty knife.

Also, Styrofoam mixed with gasoline produces an adhesive paste that can be used to fill dents and holes in wood.

Simply applying glue over the area that needs filling and adding sawdust to it is a suitable wood filler.

Wood Filler

Best Wood Fillers For Screw Holes 2

This is the standard wood filler for screw holes. There are several variations of the product to suit the diverse needs of customers.

Wood fillers come in different colors and textures because some formulas are meant for wood inside the house while others are for wood outside. It is easy to apply with a putty knife and normal sanding to make it smooth and undetectable.

A lot of carpenters and woodworkers have said that they prefer to use a wood plug for larger holes. However, they indicate that the product is best for filling small dents, rot, nail or screw holes.

There are many other products that can function as wood filler for screw holes. Most can be easily purchased at utility stores and supermarkets. Some of these include KwikWood, Durham’s Water Putty, and DAP Painter’s Putty.

There are plenty of options available to those who want to fill screw holes. Good luck!

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