6 Reasons Why Stain Doesn't Absorb Into Wood

Wood staining involves the introduction of a colorant that has been dissolved. Staining of wood is very common and it has many advantages.

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Wood staining is important in preventing wood from rotting, protecting it from sunlight, making it simple to use, for general preservation, and even for bringing out the grain (see Carve Your Creation).

The type of wood involved and the stain determines how easy the process of staining is.

Why is my stain not absorbing into wood?

The application of wood stain can either be easy or difficult depending on the type of wood stain and the conditions of application.

If your applied stain is not absorbing into the wood, there is a possibility that either the wood or the stain is the problem. The reasons it can happen include:

1. The wood is still fresh.

Fresh wood absorbs stain poorly than aged wood.

2. The wood may not have been subjected to enough paint or detergents.

Wood that has been panted before or washed with detergents is more absorbent to stain than normal wood.

3. The type of wood does not stain easily.

Some types of wood absorb stain more easily than others.

4. The ambient temperature is too high.

Stains that dry very fast are very difficult to apply during hot weather. Thus, you have to be mindful of the ambient temperature when applying.

5. The wood may have sealants on its surface.

Some woods have wax-like substances on the surface that can prevent the stain from penetrating the wood.

6. The stain may have metal oxides.

Stains that have metal oxides tend to absorb poorly, so the stain remains on the surface of the wood.

If you have tried wood staining and it hasn't been successful, you should check on the factors that affect the staining of wood (there may be other potential causes in addition to the ones discussed) and make necessary changes if needed in order to remedy the problem.

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