Watco Satin Wax Vs Danish Oil

All of the woodworkers in the olden days were using resin embedded oils and varnishes to stain or finish their wooden pieces. This was quite a labor intensive process with hours of waiting time required.

Watco Satin Wax revolutionized the wood finishing process by reducing the time and effort involved considerably.

Let’s see how this solution compares with Watco Danish Oil. Though both are very good, there are some differences between them.

Watco Satin Wax Vs Danish Oil
  1. Watco Satin Wax gives a hand-rubbed wax appearance without the hours of labour that would otherwise be required. Watco Danish Oil requires more time.
  2. Watco Satin Wax is used over stained wood surfaces (which, if needed, can be straightened using these techniques) or even on bare wood, while Watco Danish Oil is largely used on bare wood surfaces.
  3. Watco Satin Wax leaves a film on the external surface of the wood, giving it a luster and sheen. The Danish oil primes the top layer of the wood itself, seeps into its pores and embeds itself into the wood to give the finished effect. Danish oil forms no film.
  4. Watco Satin Wax can be used over Danish Oil primed wood. The Danish Oil finishes can be applied on raw surfaces after all previous surface finishes are removed completely.
  5. Watco Satin Wax comes in only two color options: Natural and Dark. Mixing of these two shades is required to achieve any intermediate shade. The Danish Oils are available in several shades and thus you have a vast range of colours to choose from.
  6. Watco Satin Wax is an external surface protection and forms a film on the surface of the wooden piece being polished. Danish oil is an internal sealant of pores and grain. It’s a form of internal protection.
  7. Watco Satin Wax is for interiors, while Danish oil is for interiors and exteriors both.
  8. With Watco Satin Wax, the resultant odors of the finish evaporate away quickly, while with Danish Oil, the odors prevail for up to a week.

The combination of the Danish oil priming of wood followed by the Watco Satin Wax application enhances the quality of your wooden pieces considerably. The finishes are guaranteed to offer a smooth, satin finish with a lustrous appeal.

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